Sand Sea and Spirit

September 12 to September 22, 2015


Condo Information for 2015 Retreat


Exciting news from Brett Robinson!

Condo rates for Phoenix VI are lower than 2014!!

Seven nights are:

      1 bedroom - $ 828.37

      2 bedroom - $1061.20

      3 bedroom - $1208.79


Ten nights are:

     1 bedroom - $1088.12

      2 bedroom - $1389.33

      3 bedroom - $1589.74


When booking your reservations be sure to include 

Group ID code 792658.


Celebrating 25 years


Welcome to Sand Sea and Spirit as we celebrate 25 years.

This year commemorates all those who have attended the retreat during this time. Each one has left a lasting impression on the community. Our thanks to you -- and hope you will join us again this year. For those who have transitioned, we keep the memories alive. You all continue to be a part of our spiritual family -- wherever you are.  

Plans are in place for another exceptional time.  

For the first time, the Unity Church Community of Metairie, Louisiana is coordinating their annual retreat to join us. Their spiritual leader, Rev. Jack Fowler, has been a part of our retreat for many years. Should be a very lively time indeed.  Welcome!!!

Sand Sea and Spirit 2015


September 12 to 22, 2015

Join us as we celebrate the 25th Gathering of Sand Sea and Spirit.


Photos from Sand Sea and Spirit 2014


This year, Bill Doehring will be taking photos during the Retreat. One of the ideas was to create a Keepsake CD that would be available for purchase at the end of the Retreat. Each day, photos will be selected to create a visual remembrance of that day's particular highlights. We will also organize group shots or individual photo shoots. One year Dottie Davis went to each condo and shot photos. I thought it was a great idea -- and would like to offer that service as well.

Printed copies of photos will also be available. 

Around Thanksgiving, I would like to offer a video featuring a selection of beach photos taken over the years. This would be a great way to recapture the beauty of Orange Beach. Looking for ideas -- ocean sounds or a soft instrumental soundtrack?



Online Schedule of Events


Hello Everyone.

The latest Schedule of Events is listed as a Google Calendar under This is the new interactive format used in the future. For the techies, you can synch events you wish to attend, or the complete calendar, with your personal calendar. You can also print this. I would suggest selecting the 4 day format once you've selected the print option.

Click here to view. Individual day listings on the website will also be completed  over the weekend. Lots of exciting opportunities to learn and play with some of the best speakers and practitioners around.

There's always room for last minute attendees -- call Karen at 337-794-0062.

Another Great Partner for Local Shuttle


$5 Shuttle Service in Orange Beach, AL!

Please support this new, business partner...

Coastal Express is a shuttle transportation business operating in Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores Al; Perdido Key and Pensacola, Florida. They offer $5 per person transportation anywhere in Orange Beach Alabama, with additional fees for surrounding areas.

Call 251-923-8336

Flights into Pensacola



Sand Sea and Spirit details are being finalized... and for those looking to finalize flights, many airlines are offering reasonable rates at this time.  If you are looking for comparisons, my favorite is 

Southwest is not included in Priceline; however they are running specials which end today (8/14/2014) -- and I love the two bags checked free. :-)  You may not need two bags if you are traveling light - bathing suits and such - since the weather will be phenomenal during the Retreat. But it's sure nice to have that option.

Can't wait to see everyone... Lots of surprises and exciting things happening this year.

Experience .... a feeling you will want to keep with you forever.

Experience ... Sand Sea and Spirit.


Sand Sea and Spirit featured in Natural Awakenings


Digital issue of Natural Awakenings -- features Sand Sea and Spirit. Love the articles on Essential Oils for summertime, vegan smoothies and health movement, as well as organic farming. Check it out:

Love Our Natural Awakenings Magazine Ad


Great news. For the next three months, Sand Sea and Spirit will be featured in the Natural Awakenings magazines and websites. :-)  Advertising in the Pensacola, Emerald Coast and Panama City magazines highlights our connection to this Gulf Coast community.

Along with the paper magazine, we will be featured in the online media and.... their app.

Thank you, Scott, for your assistance. Please visit their website and download their app "NWFNaturally."

If you are interested in co-oping into some of the additional advertising, please let me know. It's a great way to inform our local family about you!




Life is a Canvas - San Roc Cay Marina


Doe Hart 2014.06.17

It was wonderful being with everyone on Friday and getting excited about all the possibilities for our retreat this year. I have found a business at San Roc Cay Marina that offers Painting Parties and thought that could be a fun activity. I'm waiting to hear if they would bring the party to is but if not it could be a fun night out. For those not wanting to paint there are stores and restaurants as well as the Marina that could be explored. The business is called Life is a Canvas so check out their web site and see what you think.

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